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I suppose the bytes are compressed bytes for the audio data of the frame. I don't know. Nor barn dance i know how to retrieve only the audio bytes to change but I suppose that might stash all the bytes in a body after the MP3 body header bytes possibly.
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MP3 information are appropriate for taking part in on your computer, and over PA systems. audacity and test earlier than playing at drill existence. Please do not horsing around the recordsdata directly from this web site at drill existence.For greatest performance , listen to the recording by means of external audio system (t here is a bark clamor that is probably not heard through most inside pc speakers)

How to convert MP3 to WAV surrounded by Python

Decompressing MP3s isn't an appropriate activity to implement in Python. Glenn Maynard Jun sixteen '1zero at zero:46 To the perfect of my information, no one has ever attempted to jot down an MP3 decoder in Python.The ensuing decoder can be dreadfully slow, and there is no sense within the mission anyway; the more natural factor could be to craft a Python part that wraps a C library.Re-fruitfulness the already-written and already-debugged C code, and don't try to reinvent the .i really like Python , however there are projects that are not acceptable for Python and an MP3 decoder is one. ffmpeg at 2:05

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